Asics Europe

This project was created internally for a presentation to Asics Europe as a possible campaign for 2014. The brief for the project was to get increase their current database of My Asics to 300,000 people and to inturn increase their revenue to €10million over a course of 5 years with the help of their new e-commerce site.

Our insights drove us to believe that Asics needed to target other runners as well as their core market of hardcore runners, with this insight we derived a campaign which could involve anyone and everyone. The Race to the Moon concept was to encourage sign up by rewarding communities as they reached the mileage required to reach the moon. The visuals show a customer journey that would be experienced by someone who signed up for the Race to the Moon event.

Race to the Moon Landing Page

Race to the Moon Homepage

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Race to the Moon Scoreborad

Race to the Moon iPhone App