Buddha Kitchen

Brief: Buddha Kitchen is a restaurant in Hammersmith, London. Under new ownership, the business required a completely new brand concept. The client was very eager to have the word "buddha" in the name of the restaurant since in Chinese culture it is to bring good luck. They also wanted a traditional, but modern look to the brand.

Solution: I researched into the different symbolisms of buddhas - they represent good luck and fortune. I decided to use the sitting buddha, seen sitting on a gold ingot (a sign of wealth and good luck). To keep to the traditional and modern look, I used the chinese translation of buddha as a light repeat pattern through the menus while keeping the typeface of buddha kitchen to a simple and sleek look.

In this project I was able to gain the experience required to communicate with a client. I had regular meetings to present my ideas and was involved in the design of the exterior of the restaurant, sourcing materials, producing and installing the exterior graphic board.

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