Scratch, Sniff & Mr Smith

Scratch, Sniff and Mr Smith is a series of books that were released by The Smelly Book Company. The book was unique amongst other children's books as it was a smelly book. Children could scratch certain pages to release the smells that were contained in the pages. The book was sold across major book stores, some outlets required a point of sale till box which I designed and created.

Brief: The Smelly Book Company used Redbird Design to produce the series of Scratch, Sniff & Mr Smith. They wanted to create a fun identity for the book with an easy to read feel.

Solution: The illustrations were created by Sue Sansom, and at Redbird Design, I was responsible for creating the book, compositing the images together with copy. As well as the books, I was involved in creating merchandise and edm designs for retailers and consumers. A fun colourful font using different sized characters and was created and an easy to read serif font was used inside the book.

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