When I joined Underwired in November 2012, they were already servicing Travelodge as a client. After several months, we proposed an redesign to their current emails so they were fully mobile optimised as many of their clients were checking emails via smart phone devices.

My role during the redesign was to mainly assist the Creative Director, with design ideas using the new Travelodge brand guidelines. With many new clients needing a redesign of their emails, the first step was provide Travelodge with an audit of their current communications. This meant going through their current emails and separating parts of emails into modules.

The images above show the original email designs, an email audit, sketches for header ideas, initial designs, final designs and email module guidelines.

The modules were then designed with intention of build, meaning that they would be including 'live text' and be fully mobile optimised. Advantages of having live text being if images are not loaded on your email text can still be seen and selectable. Being fully optimised and responsive means that on different devices emails would be optimised to any particular platform, be it on an Android phone, iPad or desktop computer.

Following the final design of the modules, I was responsible for providing the client with a email module guideline. It showed dimensions, typefaces and colours which should be used and character limits which would be used by the client, copywriters and other designers.








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