Underwired product cards / ecrm.co.uk

Brief: Underwired wanted to push their marketing and branch out their services into different 'products' in print and digital format. Being on the curve of technology, the website needed to be mobile responsive. The website needed to be housed on one page for simplicity and from a UX point of view.

Obstacles: Housing one website on a single page seemed pretty difficult, from previous experience it was a simple way to add content by including more pages, but I had to find a way to make everything visible on one page.

I began by drawing up wireframes and potential scenarios of how things worked when clicked and how to jump from product to product. From here, it was a case of mocking up what I wanted the website to look like from the style I had given each product.

Solution: Simple iconography was created to symbolise each of the products. The beauty is in the simplicity; by using expanding and collapsing sections, all information is housed on a single web page, and can be viewed in one simple click.

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